How to use XpinoPAY app

Airtime to Cash

After login,

  • On your dashboard, go to Cash, then click on Airtime to Cash
  • Click on Sell Airtime
  • Select the Network you wish to convert to cash
  • Type the AMOUNT you wish to convert to cash. The calculator will display your CASHOUT. Only proceed if the rate suits you.
  • Enter the number which you wish to SEND THE AIRTIME FROM
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  • Our agent will ask you few more questions to confirm you are not sending VTU to us and to ascertain that you have your share pin and codes handy.
  • You wil be given a number to send the airtime to. YOU MUST PROVIDE THE SCREENSHOTS OF THE AIRTIME SENT. Glo Nigeria will not send you SMS or airtime sent. You must screenshot the pop-up messages.
  • After submission of the screenshots, our agent will confirm the airtime then credit your wallet.

After your wallet is credited, you can decide to transfer the money to your bank, use it to buy items on XpinoPAY or leave it in your wallet to accumulate.


Our agents will not credit your bank account. They will only credit your wallet on XpinoPAY then you can do as you so wish with your money

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